Temperature Blanket

I am working on a year long project for myself. This is a temperature blanket. Temperature blankets typically use a rainbow of colors for the range of temperatures. Normally red for hotter days and blue for colder days and other colors in between. Each day you typically add a row based on the day’s temp. I am personalizing my blanket by using natural tones and information from 2014 (our 10 year wedding anniversary). Also I am having 56 stitches represent a day.  Each week will cover 4 rows.  By using a past year I have all the information I need and can work on a the blanket a few days at a time at my leisure. If this blanket works out well I may make one for each of the kids using their birth years for reference and letting them pick the colors. Are you planning any long term projects? Photos show my color choices and progress up to day 60. I will try to post pictures each 50 days of progress.day 60.jpg


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