Simple Scarf using bulky yarn

I LOVE Charisma yarn from Michael’s Craft Stores!  Recently it was on sale for much less than the regular price of almost $5/ skein. I bought up a bunch of colors.  I was so excited!  When I brought the yarn home I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it.  I had picked variegated colors and needed to find a pattern that really showed off all of the pretty colors.

I started a simple v stitch scarf.  This worked but make the colors into a block pattern.  It was starting to look like a striped scarf and the colors didn’t change at a consistent rate.  I wasn’t happy.


So I tried something a little different. I love the way this pattern worked out.  The colors really showed well.  This pattern is very simple but the yarn really makes it special.  I have tried the same pattern with Serenity yarn from JoAnns with similar results.


1 1/2 skeins of Serenity or Charisma Yarn (5ply yarn would work)

N 10mm hook


Chain 160 (88 inches) or a length you prefer for an infinity scarf.  Slip stitch together.

Row 1:  Chain 1.  Single Crochet around.  Slip stitch together.

Row 2:  Chain 3.  Double Crochet around. Slip stitch together.

Row 3:  Repeat row 1.

Row 4:  Repeat row 2.

Row 5:  Repeat row 1.

Row 6:  Repeat row 2.

Row 7:  Repeat row 1.

Finish off.


all six

collage of colors.JPG




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